Monday, January 15, 2007

Drops in Number of Links in Google Search Results

Recently I saw a huge difference in google search results for some of the websites, from my office and from my pc at home. For example searching for pspxworld ( )showed me 600+ results from office and a mere 57 from home. Similar is the case with ( . And when I tried to search for indexed pages in google for I got a single page in the result. The same when I tried with yahoo(pspxworld) I got almost all of the pages in the site. My office PC uses US Proxies and my Home PC is using ISP from India. Is it because of the geographical difference? I was using and not in both cases. Did any body face similar issues.And I also noticed similar behavior with very popular sites too like . I have seen 50% to 70% drops in the number of referrals in many much popular sites with page ranks 3 to 4 . So google is not so comprehensive after all?

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